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Top View: 2011 Maker Faire stickers
Side View: the switch case is an old violin bow rosin container
With the only light source shining on me I moved facing different directions and stood still for a couple seconds at each position while the camera absorbed the light.
Sitting down I raised the light sources up above my head stopping and holding the lights at each position. The small slits of light that can be seen is a manifestation of the Stroboscopes rotating slit disk letting in light.
I slowly raised the lights above my head without stopping. The motion of my arms is clearly documented by the rotation of the Stroboscope.

The Stroboscope is a simple machine that is used to take very cool long exposure photographs. A switch turns on a motor which spins a disk with a slit in it. The whole apparatus is covered with a box so that the only light that the camera sees is through the slit. The result is spectacular.

Enrico Cascio
AGV Lead Test Engineer Kingston, NY