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First build final product
A double layer of 2x4s were screwed into the wall to provide a sturdy edge for the box spring slats
The corners were strengthened by an L bracket
With two of the sides mounted to the wall i used a 4x4 for the leg
Second Build final product
The biggest challenge was assembling the frame without help. Here I am using 2 fraternity paddles, which have tapered ends, as a wedge to line up the 2x6 at the right height. Sliding the paddles closer together and farther apart raised and lowered the 2x6.
To adjust for inconsistencies in leg length and spare the hardwood floor I added adjustable feet.
Six 1"x4" slats were used to create the box spring.
Sturdy Loft

In my last two apartments I needed some extra space and a lofted bed was the perfect solution. I built both lofts using the same basic design with the idea of having a "built in" box spring.The first build was trickier because it needed to be mounted to the wall to fit above the floor trim and radiator. My second build however was less constrained.

Enrico Cascio
AGV Lead Test Engineer Kingston, NY