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CAD drawing of Owl Key Chain
Final model of Owl Key Chain
First print
Second print in a different color
This elevator was missing its 5th floor number so I made a replacement! One of the more practical applications of a 3D printer.
Once I measured the diameter of the circle all I had left to do was draw it up in NX (and look up what the number 5 was in braille).
The acrylic has worn off after 6 months of use but the replacement works just fine!
Printing a gear
Gear printed
I was exploring ways to create optical illusions in NX but i didn't get very far. I ended up with simple shapes like this one.
A more artistic result of my imagination
Ultimaker 2

Recently I gained access to an Ultimaker 2 which has opened me up to the world of 3D printing. Rapid prototyping allows me to create my ideas, artistic, practical, or both, in a couple hours or less. Here are some of those projects.

Enrico Cascio
AGV Lead Test Engineer Kingston, NY