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racing bike design presentation - im answering question by the design panel... what a stress...hehe

btw this is 1:1 scale model (not a prototype)
LTDL official vehicle Interior Concept - this is the interior for the Le Tour De Langkawi Official Vehicle project that is my diploma project for this year. The design is targeted to fullfill the needs of high-end super sport pickup vehicle. Notice the handling is similar to enzo-ferrari spec and the dashboard is quite Proton styling. Note:- this design is branded under Proton badge.
racing bike concept - among my 3D models for my transport class, this was the second design that been proceed after critictize..

done in 2005 with rhino v2
LTDL official vehicle Exterior Concept - on going progress sketches...
Designer`s WorkStation Enviroment - one of my presentation panel..showing the usage of the design in real enviroment.. :)
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