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Whirlpool Glamour Oven - An Oven with an innovative and minimal design, made of one unique door in mirror glass, with a long lenght lateral handle, and a full touch control User Interface, everything integrated in the Oven Door. A 3.5'' display shows information and a full navigation for the perfect control of the oven programs and features.
IF Design Winner 2008
Whirlpool Glamour products suite - After the success of the Glamour Oven, an entire suite of products have been designed following the same design brand language and details: full mirror glass, Stainless Steel details, touch control User Interface.
Chef Touch Column - RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2011
A cooking System made of three products (a Steam Oven, a Vacuum machine, a shock freezer) that together allows customers to cook as professional chefs, for amazing tasting cook results.
Pure Steam Oven Accessory - Design of the evolution of the present oven, through the usage of an internal accessory for cooking directly with steam.
Premium Oven: User Interface
Whirlpool, In_Home project: the Dishwasher - Presented during the Eurocucina in the International Furniture Fair, Milan, 2006. Whirlpool showed an interpratation of the futuristic Home, where appliances were a unique system, suiting the users needs and moods.
Ritual closed
Ritual open
The reality of today life is the narrowing of the living spaces, but without loosing the pleasure and luxury of life. This study is a concept just in the direction of this users styiles evolution: a kitchen large 2.50 m, in which obtaining the highest exploiting of every corner with innovative products, in order to give users a high-quality cooking angle in a small space.
Works in Whirlpool
Dario Grasselli
Design Director DèLonghi Varese, Italy