Smart Moov is an automotive platform, a smart mobility solution in the mobile retail segment along with technology systems and services. Operate indoors and outdoors, from a clean and autonomous energy matrix. More than a smart mobility solution, it is a new business model to sell and buy products and services both in urban and rural areas. It's a practical and fresh way for businesses to fit in an increasing new consumers lifestyle.
Renting a physical space to start a new business can be expensive and extremely bureaucratic. Most of the new businesses can't even afford it to begin with. This will not only make it easier for businesses to launch, but it will provide them with the mobility they need to reach any kind of target audience. Small towns and villages, or more isolated neighbourhoods with less public transport lines, will now be reached by any product that is "Smartmooved".

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Rikardo Philipp
Product Designer Oxônia, United Kingdom