CHESSANOVA - A mobile chess-set with Japanese flavor, using fullywood material and fully equipped with reversible board-case giving us funniest battle of chess: ninja's gang vs samurai' clan. :D
THOOMBS - Innovation of an entrance door acces used fingerprint tech that let your thumb to lock or open your door. Equipped with red-green LED indicator as a reminder of the door's sattus and also to inform people if there anybody at the room.
AKARA - A multifunction tablelamp use for indirect lighting and saving our room from any insect invasion. Using plait of akar wangi (vetifer zizanoides), a grass with toxic-fragnance that most insect hated.
FASTBRUSH - Making faster mouthwash activity, just one-push the button with your empty toothbrush the pull up, your toothbrush already stained by toothpaste and ready to use.
MADROB - A simple robotic toy which movement is very uniquely, hyperactive, and totally random.

Some of my academic-works in Bandung Institute of Technololgy

Rinda Setiawan
Industrial Designer Jakarta, Indonesia