WAVE - The ocean wave-like form equipped with a slot to placing the surfing board which indicates that the function of this cruiser bike is suitable for the surfers.
COLOROFILL - By ethnography method resulting a printer that appropriate with printer-user in Indonesia. Also equipped with infusion-ink-slot on it leaf-form flanks.
TSIPUT - An indoor snail-like slipper equipped with special-texture-mop on its base according to cleaning the floor together with another activity concurrently.
FLATE - Using bamboo material with plyboo-tech produce a dinner set which plate, fork, and knife are planted and hide vaguely into the board just like a flat plyboo-board, make it easier-to-store in your kitchen/restaurant.
BEND-IT - Sewless shoes with bending concept aim to adapt your feet well-fitted with this shoes, making easy-to-use, and surely comfortable.
SURAMADU (modeling)
TRANSTAIR - A multifunction stair with two faces options that can make easier people and their stuff for moving inter-floor vertically.
BLOZOOM - By adopting a leaf green forms, the concept wants to remind us to use greener way, especially in transportation ways to keep earth healthy. Blozoom basically a bike-rack camouflaging beautifully as a public bench.
CHAIRITY - Kind of public bench which also used to be a public-money-box. The concept is to shining attention among people about mutual humanity and learning to helping each other through this public-device.
CARNIVAL CHESS - A fun chess-set which bring characters of Ondel-ondel into the chess's seeds, suitable to be used as a souvenir from Jakarta Indonesia.
HANGKLUNG - An unique hanging-laundry made from bamboo which can simply produce sound as Angklung. This Hangklung (Hanger-Angklung) also can used as indication of dry laundries because its only can ring loudly when the body is in dry condition.

My several achievements in design competition.

Rinda Setiawan
Industrial Designer Jakarta, Indonesia