OCTOPLUS - A mop with octopus-like form destined to cleaning the floor more efficient by emerge the water, soap, and mop into a bundle.
PLASTBOARD - A unique skateboard equipped with first aid on each wheel and the surface fully wrapped by huge plast to remind us about safety anytime we use to play.
SEEDER - An offroad's wheel equipped with seeds which planted on the surfaces, so when SEEDER going thin, the seeds will practically come out and buried to the land rebuilding the barren-track back into a green one.
STRAWGEAR - A bottle-lid equipped with straw as unity making easy to drink your bottle of water.
S-GEAR - Multipurpose tough-rack arranged by reusing junk-gear. It will decorates your room and you can also display your lovely stuff there.

Just useless designs, but quite bitey.

Rinda Setiawan
Industrial Designer Jakarta, Indonesia