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Sky garden
Sky garden
Slat chair - interchange legs
WOMEN¡¦S XC MOUNTAINBIKE - In 2005, the VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD was announced by ispo and VOLVO to honor the outstanding
innovative product and design developments within the sports industry.

As a group Jay, Seung-Ly and I researched and interviewed female bikers about mountain bike design features
that needed to be improved. We bypassed cosmetic appearances and overall look entirely, and aimed for the
area usually reserved for men - the guts of the machine.

The result is a high performance women¡¦s mountain bike made from reinforced carbon fiber material, with a cavity that
houses rear suspension components such as the shocks and springs. The seat post can be adjusted by length and degree
of tilt (within 30 degrees) to assist riders with finding the best sitting positions when riding in different terrains.

The chain drive has been replaced with a shaft drive, which also helps to keep pants free of oil stains. Furthermore,
carbon fiber splashguards have been added so that the spraying of mud onto the rider¡¦s clothing remains at a minimum.
Finally, an integrated headlight and taillight system has been added to meet a rider¡¦s safety needs.
coffee table set
IWB- benchmark project
IWB-benchmark project
Muji - corner lamp
laser cut stacking coffee table
Bombay sapphire - martini glass
OH Vase
City Lighting - The need for Toronto to start conserving its energy output becomes
priority. Toronto is implementing measures to reduce lighting. As a team
Andy Lau, Bill Qiu, Daven Wong, Herman Lau and I redesign the lighting
facilities in Baycrest Park.

The antiquated and distant lighting standard currently in place in Baycrest Park
is inadequate for the changing environment not only that, due to
circumstances and the community¡¦s safety needs, the existing lighting is simply
insufficient. To replace this antiquated system comes a brand new system that
reacts to the walkers in the park. In other words, make the path interactive, and
thus giving the walker a sense of security as if the park is talking back to the
walker acknowledging the walker¡¦s presence. It works by motion sensors that
detects movement near the light, and thus reacts to the user; the light gets
brighter gradually in order to welcome the user towards that particular light pole.
This dimming system saves the city energy bill because it¡¦d only activate
whenever it is needed. The LED used in this project is also more energy
efficient and gives off a cleaner brighter light. This system also identify
anyone who happens to have been in the park for too long by changing
the lights¡¦ color to another color to identify potential groups who
maybe preying on walker bys.
BrSi - Bel-Air Project
BrSi - Bel-Air Project
Energy Saving Fridge
Magna - clek
Rita Lam
Industrial Designer & 3D Artist Toronto, Canada