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Baggage Counter - Utility Design - Aren’t all baggage counters boring with the same dull
colours, the box like counter, though it is of great utility.
Hence i decided to design a baggage counter for mainly
shopping malls. This is designed in the shap of a trunk.
which has shelves to store the customer’s baggage.
Window Display - Trek Rapids - This is a Window Display for Trek Rapids which is an
adventure sports gear provider. The sport i have shown
in my design is Kayaking. I have shown a kayak, the suit,
a float and water in an abstract form with a rope as a
part of the backdrop.
Set Design - This is a set Design for the television show ‘Sach
ka Samna’ which is the Indian adaptation of the
American show ‘The Moment of Truth’. The centre
of the set is in the form of a Question Mark and has all
the other required elements required for this show.
Alphabetical Furniture Design - This is a seater+book shelf designed using the alphabets 'E' and 'J'
Ritika Madan
Designer / Visualiser Mumbai, India