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Little space, Windows - Jacquard knit using hand-loom knitting machine, wool and silk

Shade of Wood - Woodblock print on light weight wool
March 2008

Transitional Shadows, Tunic - Hand printed with woodblock with pigment on silk, then over dyed with acid dye

Designed and hand sewn by Ritsuko Hirai
Gulan Yu Island - Silk screen print on cotton
Shakkei at Tenryuji, Tunic - Handwoven plain weave with striping of extrafine natural linen and viscose sizing ramie as wefts

Designed and sewn by Ritsuko Hirai
Homage to Everyday Life, Dress - Handwoven waffle weave and plain weave with merino wool and extrafine silk

Designed and sewn by Ritsuko Hirai
Woodblock printing on silk
Blurred through the rain - Jacquard knit using Industrial Knitting machine, wool and silk
Murasaki, Daikokuji - Handwoven silk and cotton
TOKYO, RUST - Created for the exhibition "Tainted Urbanism", Tokyo, Japan, 2011

Concept Description of artwork: Inspired by the metals rusting and decomposing in the city. There's something comforting about lifeless fences and billboards starting to rust. Fear of unchanging replaced by the rusting metal signifying life. The balance of people and nature gives identity to the urban spaces. Metal gains an identity when it is able to transform. I see beauty in the urban rust. - Medium: metal wire, linen
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Ritsuko Hirai
Textile Designer / Illustrator San Francisco, CA