Kick Scooter with an Auxiliary Impulse Wheel

This project for a KickScooter with an Auxiliary Drive Wheel won the 2013 Altran Foundation Spain Awards. Next Friday February 7th is the international Contest for the Altran Innovation Makers Award 2013. Please, discover the 5 national laureates, and then stand up for MY project:
The proposed solution is to use an auxiliary wheel on which the user will make his impulse, which in turn will be connected to the rear wheel through a simple gear; the differences between the diameters of the gears , the rear wheel and the auxiliary wheel will produce a multiplication of the speed of the scooter with respect to the speed of the user's feet.
I submitted a patent application in Spain last May and now I am looking for designers interested in developing this concept into a real project.

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rjuanatey Design
Freelance Transportation Designer Sevilla, Spain