Opel Adam with Parallel Architecture

In the proposed Opel ADAM design, the base of the windscreen is moved forward into the hood and curved; the top of the windscreen is also moved backwards into the roof and curved, generating a three dimensional, rounded windscreen; this rounded windscreen would be better suited to the curved lines of the Opel Adam. The result would be an improvement of the interior volume, the aerodynamics and the aesthetics of the car.

This new design is possible because its inline engine would be placed longitudinally in the middle of the central dashboard, in parallel with the driver´s legss below the central dashboard area. In order to maintain the minimum width, the inline engine must be installed longitudinally in the vehicle, with all the engine auxiliaries mounted in series relative to the engine. The base of the windshield is moved forward, so that the dashboard has sufficient length to allow access to the top of the engine,

Design and Drawings by Jose Francisco Rosales @fjrosales82

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