Renaul Samara, an alternative to the Renault Alpine 110-50 with improved yabitability and aerodynamics, thanks to its Parallel Architecture
Design and Drawing by Jose Francisco Rosales, @jfrosales82
Original Renault Alpine 110-50, all the back of the car is lost because its rear-centre engine layout, leaving space only for a small trunk at the front.
Side view of the original Renault Alpine 110-50; there are air intakes at the sides and the top of the car required by the rear-centre engine layout, that affect the aerodynamics. With Parallel Architecture, the proposed mid-centre engine layout of the proposed Renault Samara, they would not be required.
Renault Samara and Parallel Architecture

The project tries to achieve a Sports Car that combines the dynamics of new Renault Alpine with greater habitability and aerodynamics, by using Parallel Architecture. 
The engine would now be placed in Parallel with the driver´s legs, below the central dashboard. At the same time the base of the windscreen is moved forward, maximizing cabin volume, driver´s visibility and the aerodynamics of the cabin.
With Parallel Architecture, the original engine placed at the back of the car would be replaced by an inline unit placed in mid-centre position.
Compared with the Renault Alpine 110-50, there is a great increase of habitability, as all the rear area is now available for cargo; air intakes at the back of the car would also disappear, improving the aerodynamics; last, with the engine placed at mid-centre position, weight distribution would now be aprox. 50:50, improving the balance of the car. 
Conceptual Design by Raul Juanatey
Design and Drawings by Jose Francisco Rosales @fjrosales82

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