Sports Pick-Up with Parallel Architecture

The project tries to achieve a car with the dynamics of a sports car and the utility of a Pick-Up, by using Parallel Architecture. The proposed car is based on the Bugatti Veyron design, originally a rear-engined car, with all the back area occupied by the mechanics and a tiny trunk at the front.
With Parallel Architecture the engine would be replaced with an inline-6 unit placed in Parallel with the driver´s legs, in mid-centre position, maximizing dynamics. Air intakes would be now at the front of the car, not at the low pressure areas at its sides and roof, improving its aerodynamics.
Therefore all the back area is now available for storage, maximizing cargo space, and a removable roof would transform the car into a Pick-Up, further improving its utility. At the same time, as there is not need of the trunk at the front, the base of the windscreen is moved forward, maximizing cabin volume and the aerodynamics of the car.

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rjuanatey Design
Freelance Transportation Designer Sevilla, Spain