V-Twin Compound Engine

The objective of this project is to create a High Efficiency-Low Cost version of standard V engine, as an alternative to a downsized engine. This engine could be designed from any V engine and produced in the same line, keeping the costs of the project down.
In the proposal, one of the cylinder banks (the Low Pressure Cylinders) of a V engine is used for the Compounding Operation, receiving the combustion gases from the other bank cylinders (High Pressure Cylinders). The high pressure wave generated when the H.P. Cylinder Exhaust valve opens enters the L.P. Cylinder when it is at 90º crankshaft, producing useful work.
The idea of V-Compound engines was applied more than one century ago to steam engines, but has not been applied to internal combustion engines.
Original V8 engine by @A3NCAD

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