i-Steering Wheel

The idea behind the concept of the I-Steering Wheel is to allow the driver to control all functions of the car from the steering wheel, so he will never would need to take his hands out of the Steering Wheel.
As he always have the reference of the steering wheel, in a few weeks the user would be able to perform the most usual functions without having to look at the screen, further increasing his safety.
Today we have tablets and telephones that allow us to perform hundreds of differents functions from the same touch screen, but we keep controlling the car basically as we did 50 years ago.
The round smartscreen at the center of the i-Steering-Wheel allows it to remain still from the driver´s point of view even if the Steering Wheel rotates, so the driver can always keep the reference of the position of the different functions on the SmartScreen.
This project started as part of the IXUS with Parallel Architecture, our entry at the Local Motors UALV contest in 2013,

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