Lead Designer for Bell 417 Cockpit Modernization - Modernized the 417 cockpit from previous model designed to hold analog guages. Coordinated efforts between in-house airframe and electrical engineers and our suppliers (via project management and CAD) to redesign the instrument panel for integration of modern Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) avionics displays and other avionics.
STADIUM & AIRLINE SEATING - Combination of projects related to improving two different types of seating through human factors and usability testing.
Master's Project - Several different forms of design research were utilized to produce prototypes that reduce user sensory degradation and investigate future forms of communicative technologies for gas masks.
Crewstation Design - The following visuals detail my ability to quickly prototype and illustrate human factors concerns and safety items such as: 

- Different pilot anthropometrics
- Hand and foot reach
- Area of vision
- Comfort (to some degree by
locating possible pressure points and poor posture)
SHRIKE 80 - Design a pen computer for mobile professionals to be as simple as possible for user interactions.

Future Technologies
Existing Products
Conduct Surveys for Qualitative Information.

Design for:
Ability to Upgrade Hardware
Ability to scan and incorporate non-electronic documents.

Utilize Texas Instruments designers and marketing as well as focus groups for evaluation of concepts.