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A transformative baijiu bottle design for spirit maker Pearl Red

Legendary Baijiu has been China’s favourite spirit for a long era, having been first brewed and consumed over 4000 years ago. It was the drink of choice of some of China’s renowned emperors, and was even used as medicine.

In collaboration with Pearl Red an iconic design concept was derived that alluded aesthetic and geometric-structural references to the architecture of the Hakka-tribes famous “earth houses”, right situated in Fujian’s Tulou region, which is picturesquely surrounded by a landscape of rolling hills and valleys. Due to Pearl Red’s brewery located in a nearby area, it was a close-knit chain of thoughts to iconically integrate the pristine hill shapes of the region into the bottle design, while emphasising a modernity-driven shape-transformation from a squarish to a circular form in the vertical axis of the bottle.

Designed by ENVARY (Roger Kellenberger & Stefan Ripperger)

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