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AEX - Superconducting Train Concept

AEX - Airport Express, offers an easy and direct connection between the berlin main station and the new Berlin International airport (BBI).
While the new international airport of berlin is already under construction, there is no solution available dealing with the missing direct traffic connection between the main station and the airport.

Quick transfer from Berlin main station to the BBI airport. The AEX concept puts the inner city check-in to the next level. The possibility to check-in and do the security check directly at the train station saves a lot of time. AEX is a scalable transportation system based on unmanned vehicles and provides direct access to the boarding area at the airport.

The design of the vehicle is based on the seating positions of the passengers with an optimal view at the displayed flight informations are. To achieve an easy to clean interior the seats, walls and floor are combined into one closed surface.

Roger Kellenberger
Designs products helping to build stronger brands and better user... Hong Kong, Hong Kong