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Architecture at the intersection of DNA and fluid futurism

BONATURE is an architectural concept inspired by one of the foundations of nature: Bones. Considering that architecture had explored skeleton structures for most of the time rather than zooming closer and using the evolution optimised form factor of bones at large scale, transformed organic bone shapes into applicable architecture. The seamless structural wrap of BONATURE provides its inhabitants with a generous volume of space, facilitating easy composition of the indoor environment while keeping the outdoor environment visible at maximum.

Bones are connected organs and aside from stability also provide protection from various physical natural forces. The concept took direct reference of nature’s protective characteristics: The curved roof fins establish cooler shadow areas around the building and protect from rain. The streamlined shape also keeps noise from wind at minimum level. BONATURE is integrating uniquely with the environment, and visually puts a micro scale at macro level.

Roger Kellenberger
Designs products helping to build stronger brands and better user... Hong Kong, Hong Kong