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Bending the rules of wood: Sliding into the 21st century with the Bendit sled

The plywood sledge design concept ‘Bendit’ is a sustainable ‘snow rider’ combining fluid forms with cutting-edge use of materials. Its main look is defined through sheets of bent plywood. The physical flexibility of beech wood and its hardiness enhanced with weather-proof treatment makes the quite advanced material a perfect fit for outdoor sports. Plywood offers a broad range of different material finishes. Painted, waxed, stained or glazed surfaces with various variations of veneers provide users with plenty of options to get excited.

The sled’s construction of shifted, tapered veneer makes differing variations of material thickness possible, shouldering all kinds of tough performance requirements. The ergonomically shaped seating area provides optimal hold for the user, while the s-curved sections support overall balance and cushioning suspension. The rubber covered leash empowers easy pulling and enables users to maintain precise control for downhill rides of varying difficulty.

Roger Kellenberger
Designs products helping to build stronger brands and better user... Hong Kong, Hong Kong