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Fashionable pocket grooves: Envisioning iriver's sound style line

Iriver is amongst Korea’s popular consumer electronics brands and mostly known for stylish and minimalist looks. Challenge: Exploring the possibilities of a new iconic niche mp3 player for Irivers product portfolio, combining the exploration of new form factors, and focusing on the emotional relationship between user and music. The Iriver Soul concept is based on fluid-edgy form factors and minimalist interfaces, defining an expressive, uncluttered visual identity that didn’t require to face competition with other high-end products.

To embody a stronger sense of emotion, the melodic flow of vibes and beats from the player to the ear-phones is visualized by connecting the colour of the player’s top surface (plug) with the wire and ear buds – making music and wavelength more visible. Due its slim shape, the very compact Iriver Soul fits into every pocket easily, even with other devices like smart phones around.

Designed by Roger Kellenberger, while at HaA Design Korea.

Roger Kellenberger
Designs products helping to build stronger brands and better user... Hong Kong, Hong Kong