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M60M watch redefines time at its core

Nowadays a plethora of life aspects deal around information overkill and show-off features. Therefore the M60M refuses contemporary conventions visually and conceptually.

M60M’s hands for hours, minutes and seconds are interchanged with a continuously rotating disc, showing only full hours and quarters. The centre of the face is characterised by a hole, a simple fashion statement in today’s overload and materialistic society.
The functionality of the closure of the wristband is much the same to typical snowboard soft bindings and enables fashionistas to wear it loose or tight. By the push of a button the spring tension will release and the M60M can be easily stripped off. Spring steel and rubber support the convenient removal from the arm, and bear an almost glowing contrast of matt and glossy finishes

The M60M wristwatch got awarded with national and international awards, such as the FYITA Silver Prize (P.R.China) and the Pininfarina/AED Young Talent Award of Germany.

Roger Kellenberger
Designs products helping to build stronger brands and better user... Hong Kong, Hong Kong