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bowie - This was a banner for my personal blog. A mix of some of my influences, ranging from music, movies, pop culture icons, etc.
brain - Another blog banner. Those are fonts by the way, the ones trailing behind the brain which I played around with.
chucks - Blog banner. I wanted to go with the rock and roll image on this one. What better way than to put a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors as a focal point.
city - Blog banner. Urban feel.
clint - Blog banner. I grew up watching Dirty Harry movies. So it's no surprise he'd creep up in one of my designs later on.
goth - Robert Smith of The Cure. Black and red. Goth inspired.
ivy - One of those experiments in Photoshop.
lazyboy - A blog banner I did for a friend. He likes pink.
nowhere - Banner for one of my many blogs.
pop - Skateboard inspired banner
black rainbow - Blog banner with a minimalist feel.
raygun - Blog banner during my gray and orange phase.
tree - I don't know but every time I look at this banner, Brazil enters my mind. Maybe it's the colors.