homepage redesign on iPhone with hero placement of Kindle ad. homepage redesign on iPhone: no hero shot. homepage: full-length mockup. mobile homepage mockups. mobile department page mockups. mobile product overview page mockups. mobile product detail mockups. mobile search scenario storyboard. browse and search experience model. mobile redesign sitemap excerpt. legacy mobile site UX evaluation excerpt. I performed a heuristic evaluation to identify areas to improve in the redesign.
Conducting paper prototype testing of the redesign: View of the table where testing was performed.
Conducting paper prototype testing of the redesign: The prototype is 1.5x larger than actual scale as viewed through a simulated phone faceplate.
Amazon Mobile Site Redesign

Redesign of the mobile website. I did the 2009 redesign of the site targeting iPhone, Android, and other smartphones. I worked with the mobile product manager and executive staff to determine the goals of the redesign. I reviewed hundreds of customer feedback emails and performed my own heuristic evaluation of the existing site to help inform these goals. I was responsible for all aspects of the design including information architecture, interaction design and visual design. I also conducted several rounds of usability testing with paper prototypes to validate the design before it went into development. As of October 2012, this design is live and continues to be refined and extended.

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Randy Moss
User Experience Designer Seattle, WA