Cobra 270W Python
Early sketches for the DCB M41
DCB M35 Orange
DCB M-35
M-35 rhino model
m-35 rhino model
M-35 hatch
DCB M-35 rear seat
DCB M-35 Dash
2 M's on water
Eliminator 36 Daytona Coupe rendering
36 Daytona Coupe
36 Daytona open
Barracuda add
Barracuda on water
230 Viper
230 Viper model
230 viper on water
Eliminator 27 Daytona dash
Eliminator 27 Daytona ICC
Cobra 280 Python
Cobra 280 Python deckboat
280 Model
Eliminator 38 Eagle
Eliminator 38 Eagle
Trident 28 deckboat
Trident night party
Trident 4' foam model
Iridium wake board boat
Nordic 43 Cat
Hallett 40
Cobra 260 Venom
Harris Haritage
Harris Royal Haritage
Cobra Python, venom DCB M35 Boat design and plug building

My goal is to take the Exotic Car market and bring it to the boat world. I did this by taking baby steps with a Eliminator, DCB, Ultra and Cobra. By taking each design and slowly advancing it in order to train the market place. You can only develop an Industry by taking the leaders of that industry and advance them equally together. This inspires people and makes them excited to see whats next. If I did it with one company only the result would be total domination or complete collaps of that comany. Because "Domination" is because I was the only one doing it and no other company could keep up and the buying market would respond to the new designs of the one company. OR "Total Collaps" Is because the one company leading is so far in advance of the industry, it might scare the buying market and then they would not buy the advancing boats. This would also create alot of negative marketing blurbs by the companies left behind. So Total Collaps was not an option.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Rob King
Designer, cad modeler and hard modeler, "Im looking for:... Los Angeles, CA