Pen Sketches for the Skylon Speakers.
Plans for the Skylon speakers
Final Speakers
Final speakers
Golf level
Ferrari skate board
Underside Ferrari board
Lambo skate board
Barilium Board
Ferrari 360 drip rails
Drip rail back side
Honda carbon Car Parts
carbon fiber front bumper
Carbon fiber wing
carbon fiber hood
Ferrari camera sketch
Ferrari camera model
ferrari camera model
towers for Skylon
Skylon Tower designs
Tower with Bimini top.
Hydraulic Tower
This sketch was chosen to be a real tower
Real Tower of my sketch to the left.
Hydraulic Tower blueprints
Tower raises and lowers via hydraulics for the porpoise of: Lowering for garage storage of the boat, Full up for wake boarding and Middle to look cool.
Wave tower sketch
My Speaker and Tower design
Wave tower
My wakeboard flip out Tribal wake board rack design for Skylon.
Front side of the Tribal wakeboard rack design for Skylon
Pits airplane carbon fiber seat
Pits airplane carbon fiber seat
Alian DVD case
Alian DVD case
V case front
V case back
V 3 views
V DVD case
Halo game case
Halo game case
NexBelt Design
NexBelt Product
SD Hydro trailer design
Sd hydro trailer model
Various Medical equip
exam table and light
exam room light
Exam table
Product design
Freelance, Moonlighting
Rob King
Designer, cad modeler and hard modeler, "Im looking for:... Los Angeles, CA