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While the giant snowman and trampoline created additional stoke factors, the rotating heart was an ideal spot for branding.
Trusswork and lighting systems created a special environment within the hall and worked to highlight the product.
This larger version of the booth was only used in Las Vegas. It contains additional spaces for lounging, product display, private offices, and a softgoods showroom used for presentations. This was the only show where the separate booths for RED and Backhill were not totally separate from their parent company's booth.
RED (Riding Enhancement Devices) specializes in tools and accessories for snowboarding. Our helmet merchandiser featured a mirror and a special shape that would help prevent retailers from placing competitors' helmets on it.
Burton Snowboards Trade Show Booth

Designed while at Jager DiPaola Kemp.
This booth was intended to not only showcase the product line but also to provide merchandising guidance along with Burton's Merchandising Manual and the merchandisers that we designed.

Rob Nathan
Industrial Designer Vancouver, Canada