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SOLE Custom Footbeds have a proven, patented, orthopedic shape that optimizes natural motion. This shape was translated into award-winning sandals. First the Sport Flip, then the leather Premium Flip, the Cork Flip, and the Sport Slide. After their success, we expanded the line into Fall/Winter shoes and boots. The next evolution of this amazing platform are the narrower, more elegant Cork Platforms, that were recently featured in SOLE’s Kickstarter project.

The heel cup is deep and holds the fat pad under your heel in the proper shape for it to function normally. This also prevents one’s heel from slipping out sideways. The medial arch is the highest on the market, but moulds to fit the wearer’s foot after a few days of use. A metatarsal pad was added to the top shape to help lift and spread the metatarsals so your foot can relax into its proper shape. Orthopedics, meet design.

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Rob Nathan
Industrial Designer Vancouver, Canada