SOLE Insole Packaging

The original package was a PET box. One could see the product, but not take it out very easily. People want to feel it in their hands and even step on it.

The next package was a PET “pocket” package that enabled easy removal of the product. Another goal was to make it more sustainable. The design reduced the amount of PET used. After researching alternative materials, I found PLA. PLA is made from corn, uses less energy than PET to produce and is commercially compostable. We changed the material over and this was possibly the first non-food-related packaging made of PLA.

I later decided that PLA was not a very good option and we dove back into designing a more sustainable, minimal, and less expensive package. We explored moulded pulp fiber, paperboard, a bio-composite hanger, etc. The final design used 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard and a bio-composite plastic clip (40% wood flour and 60% post-consumer PP).

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Rob Nathan
Industrial Designer Vancouver, Canada