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Car Shark Underbody Cleaner - The Car Shark is a professional underbody car wash for home use. Using an artificial intelligence navigational system, the Shark is able to steer itself around underneath your vehicle while you just sit back and relax. Designed for people who live in areas where salt seems to be the answer for just about every road problem imaginable, the Shark uses its high-powered spray jets and large rotating brush on shocks to combat and prevent rust or decay on the most important area of you car.
Ideal Personal Entertainment Device - Ideal personal entertainment device is an entirely new system for users needs. Based on customizable and upgradeable storage areas at the Ideal company headquarters, users can download movies, music, videos, television shows, etc... And then transport their downloads to and away from home. This device acts as a remote control for home use on user’s television or stereo system and can then stand on its own while away from home due to a 10" roll-out LCD screen and powerful speaker system.
Spin Lounge Chair - Spin lounge chair is not only relaxing, but also massaging due to the large foam rolls that actually spin around as the user moves about. Chair is made from bent steel tubing, titanium rods, and 7" diameter vinyl upholstered foam cylinders.
Quick Stick Temporary Hiking Shelter - Quick Stick is lightweight hiking stick that transforms into a small temporary shelter from any unexpected elements. A high-powered LED flashlight acts as a headlight when in stick mode, then unscrews so that stick may come apart to become shelter. Once stick is pulled apart, a canopy fixed to a recoiling wire system is revealed to keep the hiker safe from the rain. Flip-out stakes allow the stick to stay in place if winds become a factor.
Small Examples of Other Work - Sketches and marker renderings for character design. Fashion drawings. Environment work for Cincinnati Reds and Scitex Printing Company. Air-gun space ship design for finding lost ships in children's game at Franklin Institute of Astronomy. Drill design for Skil, ren model.
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