Digital Catapult: Technology Adoption Strategy Report

Digital Catapult commissioned Rod Hunt to illustrate the cover for their five-year plan report document 'Accelerating the Early Adoption of Advanced Digital Technology'. Digital Catapult wanted to create a pictorial representation of how their vision of a digital world will look like across their three technology sectors namely, Immersive (AR, VR and MR), Connected (IoT and 5G) and Intelligent (AI and ML). The report outlines their approach to helping make this new age digital world a reality and assist creative and manufacturing industries to produce the products, applications and services that meet and surpass the future demands of their customers.

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. It drives the early adoption of digital technologies to make UK businesses more competitive and productive to grow the country’s economy.

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Rod Hunt
Rod Hunt Biography & Information London, United Kingdom