MrBeast Feastables $100,000 Treasure Chest Map
MrBeast Feastables $100,000 Treasure Chest Map Website
MrBeast Feastables $100,000 Treasure Chest Map

Confectionary company MrBeast Feastables commissioned Rod Hunt to create an illustrated map of the fictitious Feastables Island to promote MrBeast Bars' $100,000 Treasure Chest competition in Australia. The island incorporated various recognisable stunts from MrBeast's YouTube channel including Willy Wonka World, Seven stranded at sea, I gave my 100 millionth subscriber an island and Last to leave the circle wins $500,000. The illustration also featured Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast and his crew; Chandler, Nolan, Karl,and Kris. The promotion was fronted by Australian YouTuber LazarBeam.

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