The Bank of England: Welcome to Moneyville Infographic

Rod Hunt was commissioned by Art Director Matteo Ruisi at the Bank of England to illustrate 'Welcome to Moneyville - A Journey Though Money in the UK', a 70x100cm poster to be given to students as part of the Bank of England's educational programme. The infographic needed to show is a clear and immediate way the amount of money that circulates in the UK, divided into the different sectors of the economy.

Welcome to Moneyville - A Journey Though Money in the UK. Welcome on-board. On this trip you’ll discover how different parts of the economy compare – from the richest people in the UK to property and Bitcoin. First stop: The Bank of England. Every time you pay for something electronically, the money travels through us. That’s over £155,000,000,000,000 a year, or seven times everything else on the map added together. By keeping a close eye on Moneyville, we help the economy stay on track.

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Rod Hunt
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