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MPPI Team Building T-shirt Design 2012

Front-end devs were tasked to design a set of prints for the t-shirts that will be worn by the staff on team building day. There will be four groups so I thought about creating a common theme for the four groups. since Boracay is an island famous for its beach, I wanted the theme to be beach-related. I made initial sketches in a napkin and transferred it later to paper for scanning. Then i created the initial designs in Photoshop and refined them there. To be sure the print shop will be able to read the design, I exported them to JPG, PDF, EPS, and CorelDraw formats, aside from the usual PSD for Photoshop. My designs won and were printed. I wore a blue shirt sporting the Water Team. It was my first time to go to Boracay and I brought my wife with me. We had the most fun at night, wandering at the shore and watching bands perform at the beach.

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Rogelito Miel
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, IOS/Android UI/UX Designer, Web Designer, and... Manila, Philippines