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Workshop Scion - Within the dealership, the Scion space is set apart from the rest of room, allowing it to express its brand values and avoid blending in with Toyota. Instead of displaying everything to the consumer at once, we have hidden it. As they discover the workshop behind the wall, they gain an important emotional connection to the space. (Designed with Brandon Lynne)
First Sight - Upon first glimpse of the showroom, customers see the entire space. They absorb the feeling of being in a gallery and approach the space with heightened sensitivity. (Designed with Brandon Lynne)
Options As Art - Scion knows its customers. They have galleries in SF and LA, and sponsor a number of local art and music events each year. The workshop space features a gallery where car options are presented as art installations. Even the car itself is presented as an installation. (Designed with Brandon Lynne)
Collaboration Area - The concept uses the Joyn system by Vitra, a furniture system created for the purpose of collaboration. Customers can create custom Scion vehicles using laptops connected to their website instead of kiosks. This creates a more comfortable and unique experience. (Designed with Brandon Lynne)
Collaboration Area - Instead of having a separate work area, Scion sales associates work alongside their customers. This facilitates a simple transition from car shopping to car buying. It also creates a more casual environment reflecting the Scion consumer. (Designed with Brandon Lynne)
Ceiling Concept - To visualize the contrast between Scion and other automakers, we looked directly to the product for inspiration. Taking silhouettes from five popular vehicles, their combined tessellations create a complex structure suggestive of a traditional car buying experience – stressful, convoluted, and confusing. Smoothing the surface out represents the improvements that Scion has made to the buying process - one that is simple, pure, and straightforward.

(Designed with Brandon Lynne)
Scion Floorplan
Michael Roller
Designer Cincinnati, OH