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'Suspense' - 2004 - Quick sketch project, looking at the use of stretched material over a frame to create the vehicles form. The interior is then suspended from the exterior.

Basic Alias sketch model.
2005 - Sketches for a driver focussed interior.

The key driving controls are emphasized, with additional dramatic touches.

- solid gear-shifter
- central speedo
- back lit glass 'slices' for the rev counter
- prominent transmission tunnel
2009-2010 - A few quick interior theme sketches and thoughts... scallopped surfaces & features, built-in/moulded-in seating, flow of the interior around the driver and passenger(s)
2009 - Aston Martin 4x4 sketches...
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2003-onwards: Various automotive projects & sketches
Rollo Dixon
Lead Designer Cowes, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom