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2010-2011 - Aston Martin coupe sketches... Ideas for another coupe.

The cars form (visually) would be made up of a lower tray, with a section sandwiched between this and the cloaked upper skin.

The 'skin' has visible underlying structure, much like the reference image from the Yas Marina Hotel.

The 'bars' act as cooling veins for the hybrid power plants (and as a styling element as well).

The grille & side strake features are created by the interplay of the surrounding surfaces, rather than merely being added-on details.

The 'skin' is draped over the structure; appearing to be shaped both by the air passing over it & the muscle hidden below.
2010-2011 - Quick outline theme sketches for an interior project... sketches for the interior of the 'Yas marina' inspired exterior.
2010-2011 - Aston Martin coupe sketches...

- A slightly 'meaner' take on the lines, details and surfaces. Also looking variations on the side window graphic again...

Wondering whether to do anything more with them?
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2009-2011: Aston Martin coupe sketches
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Rollo Dixon
Lead Designer Cowes, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom