WOM pen - Its name is derived from womb, the design inspired by the female body and the curvature of the talia surrounding the womb in the center.
The rotating felt pad centerpiece clicks into place to reveal the writing tip. It is just 90 millimeters long, very compact and ideal for small hands with delicate fingers.

Marksman Design Award 2008
Design the Perfect Pen
Honorable mention-
WOMpen, "a feminine phenomenon"


Pod Espresso Machine - Realizing the capacity of empty space in modern appliances inspired me to design an espresso machine that embodies the notion of separating the components and recombining them again in a way that minimizes wasted space.
Reading Corner - The corner of the room usually goes unnoticed. The modular plastic book shelf is designed to accomodate and grow in this space. The same technology is used to manufacture all the parts.
Volvo Driver-Car Communicator - A branding project sponsored by Volvo.
Utilizing Volvo's characteristic design elements, I designed a key that integrates into the central console of current and future Volvo cars. This multipurpose device incorporates many essential functions into an integrated interface.
HiLo - HiLo is a tablet computer with a wireless felt keyboard that doubles as its skin.
During the manufacturing process the wool and hardware are pressed together to make the felt keyboard.
Inspired by standing picture frames, the screen can freestand horizontally or vertically.
Bella Machina - The scope of the project was to design a product based on existing mechanism. The castanet rattle utilizes a mechanism of interlocking vertebras that produce a clapping sound when moved in a snakelike motion.
LOLA - The human feedback behaviour of “playing hard to get” interpreted by an electronic being.
When getting too close, she teases, making a fast and short movement backwards.
PNG - The brief was to design a powertool inspired by an animal. PNG is an electric screwdriver cuddled comfortably in your hand.
Crystal Shaker - While looking at salt in its organic form I was inspired by its crystalline qualities. Designig the shakers to form a single entity allows seasoning with one hand.
Freelance, Full-time
Roni Margolin
Designer Berlin, Germany