Fashion Illustration and Layout
Fashion Flats for dependability and Loyalty &Layout
Fashion Illustration,Textile and Layout - Knits
Flats and Textile - Knits
Fashion Illustration and Layout
Fashion Illustration,Flats,Textile and Layout
Illustration,Flats and Textile
Illustration& Layout
Illustration,Textile and Layout
Flats,Textile and inspiration board - My inspiration for designing the textile was floral and for designing the flats was patch work
Illustration ,inspiration and Layout
Flats and colour swatches
Knits design using U4ia program& colour swatches
Wovens,using U4ia, Wovens using Adobe illustrator
3 groups textile,Flats and Illustration
Model wearing,Beaded silk dupioni Halter dress,designed and sewn by me
100% African cotton. Motorcycle jacket,designed and sewn by me.
Blazer,Notched lapels,one-button front,Front seaming leads to flap pockets worn with matching shorts - 100% African cotton,beaded detail shoulders ,designed and sewn by me
v- neck,silk dupioni Halter dress
Fashion Illustration, Flats,Textile and Layouts
Rosemary Mlekwa
Designer Los angeles, CA