First project at Cranbrook. Hyperbole: Playing with shadows. Hyperbole is based entirely on imagination and how we picture things. Each and every person can interpret it in different ways. When a story is told by using shadows it is important to use hyperbole to make it come to life. By using only your hands and meaningful words you can ignite a spark in someone's imagination.
First project at Cranbrook. Irony: Obvious signage. Is information overrated? Living in a world of endless signs and pointless information can be tiresome. With so much dependence on signage, people often forget to let go and enjoy things for what they are. What you see is what you get.
First project at Cranbrook. Metonymy: Bling. When a diamond is still a part of nature, it is rough and hard but has a sparkling inside. It is only when it has been cut and polished when we can admire it's inner beauty. Does a diamond loose it's meaning when it has become a possession and a part of someone's ego?
First project at Cranbrook. Anthropomorphism: Death of a robot. What kind of a relationship can be had with a piece of a electronic device? A bond can be made that can lead to different emotions like love or hatred. Are feelings toward a non-feeling thing something that we should consider normal and will we eventually be treating these things like human beings?
First project at Cranbrook. Metaphor
Drawing on the environment

Drawing on the environment