Quick sketch of one of my favorite race cars. 89 Audi 90 IMSA GTO.
Snowmobile Sketch - Sketching half of a sled for a potential client to show them I know how to throw down. :)
Milwaukee Tool Concept Bandsaw - The last concept I did while working at Milwaukee Tool. Hopefully it influences future styling!
Engine sketch
Arctic Cat concept using the chassis from the 2014 Snow Pro.
Welding Helmet Sketch
Binocular Sketches for Peschke Design - Sketch done for Peschke while applying for a job. Turned out nice. Sketchbook Pro and Cintiq 12x.
ATV Exploration - Sketchbook Pro, 1.5 hours
Exotic Car Sketch - Going to render this. Possibly model some variation of it.
Golf Cart Explorations
Milwaukee Tool Jigsaw - Milwaukee Tool Jigsaw, Sketchbook Pro drawing process for a decent profile rendering
Razor Sketch, Prismacolor & Verithin
Dodge SRT Compact - This is a sketch I started in 2009, and finished in 2011. Heh. Tried to incorporate some typical dodge styling elements such as the crosshairs, and make a dynamic yet aggressive design. I love small cars, and I really love small performance cars. Powerplant would be a boosted 3 cylinder, mated to a cheap 5 spd manual.
Taser Defense Sawzall Zombie Defense - Combination Sawzall/Tactical Zombie Defense Weapon
Raceboat Sketch - Futuristic Catamarans with i/o and outboard power, with winglets for stability and to aid pulling the hull out of the water, to increase top speed.
Random sketches from Uni
Studebaker Design Challenge 2010 Entry - Studebaker Design Challenge 2010 Entry for a new Champ Pickup truck. Influences from a variety of studes.
Boat sketch - A boat with roll down split windows, like a McLaren F1/SVX. Also playing with the surfaces above the rear engine compartment.
Studebaker Speedster Entry 2009 - Did this for the Studebaker design challenge. Won 2nd place! :D
Speed & Style - Sketches of random cars in Sketchbook Pro
Heavy Metal - Construction Equipment / Massive Machines
More cars.
Speed & Style - More car sketches
Ideation Sketches for Leaf Zamboni - Pencil, Pen, Prismacolor
Leaf Zamboni Sketches, Render
Koda Backpack Concept - Rendered in Illustrator
Unimog Update - Trying to go for a blizzard environment.
Sketches & Renderings
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