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Benchophone street furniture - Happiness spreading through the air

Concept for "Epidemic Happyness" contest on Desall.com.

Happiness, people may say, is something you can feel around you even if you don't actually "see" it. It is a subtle and invisible feeling, more like a sound rather than an image. This is the reason why Benchophone, not forgetting the pleasant effects of a colorful pattern, deals mostly with sounds. Sitting on one of its seven parts will cause a delicate and short ring, a different note according to the place you are sitting, as in a musical scale. People passing by, earing the ring, will know that somebody is sitting on the bench, resting, chatting, being happy. Benchophone, on the other hand, could easily become, with a bit of practice, an original street instrument, played by one or more people, on one or more benches. Happiness, in this case, would spread vigorously through the air, like an unexpected jam session.

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Roberto Putzu
Senior designer Milan, Italy