ORDON - office vase for Desall contest

Ordon is a simple but stylish vase that makes order on your desk.
Today the offices are more tidy and efficient thanks to the technological development that has miniaturized all
the devices, however the devices we use on the desk still need to be connected with a cable to the electricity mains.
This involves the use of electric cables that may create discomfort in the working area tying each other
or simply making messy space around the devices. Ordon helps you to create a tidy space around your working area by ordering the wires and hiding the strip to which they are connected to, furthermore it allows you to create a green
space on your desk adding a "greeny" touch to your office.
The style very simple and compact size fits any space and any device in order to create a continuum with the style of modern devices.
Ordon can also be used as a device stand.

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Roberto Putzu
Senior designer Milan, Italy