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Desk Hands is meant to sit close by so that you can easily massage your hands by rolling them over the stainless steel ball.
Imported the I.D. sketches into SolidWorks create surface model and capture the intent of the designer.
Nonlinear FEA of the snap fit between the housing and steel ball. This study ensures the housing will not crack during assembly.
1 of 3 tolerance analysis preformed to ensure a free fit between the housing and ball. The ball needs to be able to spin freely at all times so clearance must always be maintained. This analysis was calculated to 3 sigma.
Guide used for proper tolerance of injection molded plastics.
Desk Hands

This tool is used to massage and release tension that is built up in the hands from office work such as using a computer for extended hours.

Richard Huth
Director of Product Design Encinitas, CA