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VC130_Week2_Exercise1 - For this project you will be using the basic selection tools discussed today to recreate a composite of a vintage/antique desk complete with the things you might expect to find on such a desk. For example, in the image below, a student recreated an old music composers desk. Each composition must incorporate a minimum of ten items extracted via selection techniques. Each object must support the chosen theme.

Damaged Photo
VC130_Week3_Exercise1 - This week you will be completing the restoration of the famous American Gothic by Grant Wood utilizing the Clone Stamp Tool as discussed in class. The actual color of the photo will be restored by applying a Color Balance Adjustment Layer. A recoloring of the sky will necessitate the use of a Polygonal Selection and a gradient ramp.
World of Warcraft Monopoly - This is a World of Warcraft themed Monopoly board I created using Adobe Illustrator.
Tank - I modeled this as a side project for fun to practice my edit poly skills
French Horn in Brass
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