Atomic - 2008

For Cookie Composites //

Side mounted cameras can be a nightmare for users. The fear of getting the canopy lines tangled around their camera during an opening sequence can be a deal breaker when it is time to choose a helmet. Many manufacturers try to solve this issue by incorporating the camera into the helmet shell. This creates a smooth surface but also increases the general volume of the helmet, making it very hard to transport and eliminating any camera adjustment possibility. Our approach was different; we embedded a quick release system (the Cookie-Padlock) in the surface of the helmet which makes it easy to remove the camera when in transport. This system not only holds the camera locked in position but it also provides a snag free system with no overhang or gaps between camera and helmet. The Cookie-Padlock also allows the user to choose their camera angle, making this one of the most secure and versatile systems on the market today.

Ricardo Sá Freire
free agent designer Stockholm, Sweden