G2 - 2010

This helmet is Cookie's piece de resistance (for the time-being). After five years developing helmets together we decided it was time to take up a notch and so we did. The G2 is a hi-end full face helmet with features never seen in a skydive helmet before. With a 2mm injected polycarbonate visor that gives no distortion for the wearer and a state of the art visor-locking mechanism based on Cookies Flat-locks, the G2 is reviewed today as one f the most secure, comfortable and stylish helmets to ever hit the shelves. It also boasts all the great features from the previous helmets in the range like; the variable thickness carbon shell, D3o liner, no blind spots and an improved fastening system. All this makes the G2 the helmet of choice of the world’s top skydive athletes including, Red-Bull’s Air Force wing-suit team and BASE jumper Jeb Corliss, original host of the Discovery Channel's series "Stunt Junkies" and professional wing-suit flier.

Ricardo Sá Freire
free agent designer Stockholm, Sweden